The W. Paul Rogers Scholarship Fund
(Academic Scholarships & Financial Scholarships)

The W. Paul Rogers Scholarship Fund was founded in February of 2000 in memory of one of Mendham Country Day School’s founders. W. Paul Rogers along with his wife, Barbara Rogers, found Mendham Country Day School in 1986. The Scholarship Fund assists Mendham Country Day School students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. Partial and full scholarships are awarded each year totaling between $10,000 and $50,000.  Throughout the school year both Mendham Country Day School and the Parents’ Association raise money for the Scholarship Fund.  One hundred percent of the funds raised for the scholarship fund go directly to help Mendham Country Day School students and their families.

Both academic and financial scholarships are awarded each year. Academic scholarships are awarded based on both academic performance, as well as teacher recommendations. Financial Scholarships are based mostly on financial need, but academic performance and teacher recommendations are also considered. The main goal of the scholarship fund is to reward academic success and help Mendham Country Day School maintain the highest quality of students regardless of financial ability. Each year The W. Paul Rogers Scholarship Fund committee does what it can to help as many students as possible, and with the proper support, will be able to continue to do so for years to come.

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Elementary Success Scholarships

This scholarship is available to students entering Kindergarten or first grade, and for families who are committed to having their child attend Mendham Country Day School through eighth grade.  This scholarship comes in the form of Frozen Tuition for three years at a time. Once the scholarship has concluded, the family is welcome to re-apply for another three years.

Life-Long Learner Scholarship

Since its inception in 1986, Mendham Country Day School has continued to grow and expand in many ways. When the school was first founded, it was solely a nursery / preschool. As the years went on, parents approached the administration about expanding the program to include the elementary grades. With the support and commitment of several MCDS families, we were able to expand the school to include Kindergarten through eighth grade. When that happened, our Life-Long Learner Scholarship Program was established. This program was designed for those MCDS students who have started school as infants, and have continued at MCDS through the Early Kindergarten program. This program allows the school to freeze tuition for those students graduating from Early Kindergarten who are committed to continuing their education at Mendham Country Day School. Since its inception, there have been twelve students who have qualified for the “Life-Long Learner” Scholarship Program, twelve of whom have graduated from Mendham Country Day School, and five of whom are currently enrolled in the program.