“I learned to play the flute this year, and I had a solo in the Spring Concert!  It makes me feel like a star.”  Chaise, 3rd Grade
“My 3rd grade son knows how to read music now, and I like that he is learning to play the instrument of his choice- the saxophone – with private lessons, as part of the general arts curriculum.” Bruce, father of 2nd grader and 3rd grader

“My favorite Spanish word is “galletos” – that means “cookies!” Cameron, 2nd grade

“My 4th grader astounds us with her understanding of Mandarin AND Spanish.”  Brian, father of 5th grader

  • Music and art are introduced at the earliest levels of a child’s education.
  • We recognize that a well-rounded child is one who has a strong academic background complemented by an appreciation for the beauty that fine arts have to offer.
  • Children study painters and artists learning the techniques that are unique to each one.  Next, the children experiment with the methods of a given artist.  As a culmination of the experience, children travel to museums to view the artists’ work through their own eyes.  The field trips are enriched with scavenger hunts to focus the children’s attention on the particular features of the artists’ painting, drawings, or sculptures.
  • Music comes in the form of a curriculum enhancement in the classroom and after school.  Children learn to play recorders, flutes, saxophones, piano, drums, and ukulele at an early age.  The children exhibit their talents at biannual concerts where each student is given an opportunity to showcase his or her accomplishments in music.
  • Dramatic arts come in the form of drama club.  Plays are carefully selected to give each child the ability to participate fully.  The drama club stages biannual plays that feature all the children reaching extremely high levels of theatrical performance.
  • These programs provide children, not only with an appreciation for the fine arts, but also help them to develop poise and comfort on the stage.



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