“Education is a journey not a race…try to push yourself up and not to push someone down.” Selva Kamaraj

Our intentionally small class sizes allow The Head of School, Vice Principal, and each faculty member to get to know every child in the school, including personality, strengths, and areas for improvement.  At all levels and in each subject, your child receives specialized attention to develop his or her unique needs.

  • If your child has special talent in a given subject area, he or she will be encouraged to flourish and move forward at his or her own pace, based on ability, not on generalized categories or expectations.
  • If your child has an area that needs additional development, he or she will be provided with individual assessment and support. Your child will never be “left behind.”
  • We foster kindness between the faculty and students, as well as among the students themselves. Our Head of School, Vice Principal, and each faculty member’s positively nurturing approach serves as an example and encourages children to be positive role models for each other.
  • We value the importance of developing independence and self-discipline as a life skill for each child. Children are responsible for managing their workload and demonstrating effective time management.