MCD_007_2494Mendham Country Day School was founded in 1986 by Mr. and Mrs. William Paul Rogers. Since its inception, the school has been headed by Mrs. Rogers, an educator, pediatric nurse practitioner, and administrator for over 40 years. The school was founded as a center for academic excellence, priding itself on its advanced educational program and curriculum.

When the school was founded, the original plan was to create a preschool in which children would be academically challenged and therefore have an advanced start when entering elementary school. In 1998 a group of involved and eager parents approached Mrs. Rogers to see if she would be willing to expand Mendham Country Day School to include first through sixth grade. In September of 1999, Mendham Country Day School opened its first elementary class and has been expanding ever since. The school held its first sixth grade graduation and awards ceremony in June of 2005.

Today, we continue to move forward, modernizing and enhancing our curriculum as a way to further develop an already advanced program. Mendham Country Day School is a diverse community comprised of exceptional faculty and staff who are dedicated to encouraging each student to develop depth of character, advanced thinking, and a commitment to themselves and their community.